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The Consolinian, ESARTS Club uphold the 2019 Speech Fest
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By: Alyssa B. Trinidad

In connection to the 70th Foundation Anniversary, La Consolacion College of Rinconada Iriga Campus held the Speech Festival 2019 spearheaded by the Consolinian together with the ESARTS Club last Jnauary 31, 2019 at St. Augustine Auditorium.

Different events was participated by the student from grades 4 to 12, like Declamation, Dramatic Monologue, Speech Choir, Jazz Chant and Talking Dictionary. The winners in the following events are. Talking Dictions Category A Grade 4-1st, Grade 5 2nd, Grade 6-3rd. Category B Grade 8-1st, Grade 7-2nd, Grade 9-3rd. Category C Grade 10-1st, Grade 12-2nd, Grade 11-3rd.

Grade 3-1st, Grade 2-2nd, Grade 1-3rd, Speech Choir Grade 6-1st, Grade 4-2nd, Grade 5-3rd Jazz Chant Category A Grade 9-1st, Grade 8-2nd, Grade 7-3rd, Category B Grade 10-1st, Grade 11-2nd, Grade 12-3rd.

 Dramatic Monologue
Category A Grade 9 – 1st, Grade 7-2nd. Category B Grade 10-1st, Grade 12-2nd.