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Cultural Show: A Showcase of Talents for LCC-I’s 70th Foundation Anniversary

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By: Gabrielle M. Loquias

Last January 31, 2019, La Consolacion College of Rinconada Iriga Campus celebrated its 70th Foundation Anniversay with the theme, “Celebrating with Joy and Thanksgiving: A Legacy of LCC-I Community at 70.” The program began at 4 o’clock in the afternoon with an introduction by the CAT Corps Commander, Vince Arnido and was later facilitated by the two Masters of Ceremony, Ms. Jeorgette Maninang and Mr. Johnrick Noleal. The prayer which formally started the program was led by some selected members of the community.

Followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem led by the Glee Club with Mrs. Dulce Buena. Succeeding a video presentation of the school’s history was presented while Mrs. Mamerta Melinda Cornelio, the head of RDC read some information about the school to the students, teachers and personnel who were present, which signaled the start of the first part of the program. In the first performance, selected students from the elementary and junior and senior high school level were involved. The second performance was by Lourdes Jean Pili, a grade six pupil. The third performance involved Ms. Jasmin Yuki Tsukada, a Grade 12 student, with Bro. Ian, along with selected elementary pupils, with Mrs. Marnelli F. Raynes and Ms. Dama C. Morallo. The remaining performances of the first half of the program were dance numbers by the Performing Arts Club members and some selected students and pupils, along with some parents. The second half of the program was started with a video presentation about the changes which have happened in the school’s student activities in the previous years and in this year. Followed by a musical number by the Rondalla Club headed by Mr. Francis Bona, followed by a song number by the members of the Glee Club with Mrs. Dulce Buena, next is a partner dance. It was then followed by an interpretative dance by selected elementary and junior and high school students, then a group dance, a dance drama, a video presentation, a performance by the Glee Club members and the dance troop and the program was concluded by a performance by the Rondalla Club. Indeed, the cultural show has been a once in a lifetime opportunity for a lot of students, personnel and parents to show off their talents and skills onstage. It was also a chance of being able to capture the beauty, legacy and historic founding anniversary of the prestigious and well-acclaimed La Consolacion College of Rinconada – Iriga Campus. Cheers to more years of excellence and quality education!